If you don't want your account and data being accessed and changed by others, especially hackers you are gonna need to secure your account. Below are the steps you need to do that.


Firstly, you go to your web panel, and on the left, you will see a human head icon. Press that.


Then, enter your current password which you can find in your email.


After that enter your new password which you can remember and is secure enough. The longer, the more letters, numbers, and characters, the better.

Press Submit.


Now on the right press Two-Step Authentication.


Then press Generate Secret.


Now you will see a barcode. Download the Google Authenticator app on your phone, press the + Icon, Scan QR code and scan that code.


Close the barcode, and enter the code you see in your app under DirectAdmin (your [email protected])

Then press the test code. If at the bottom right it shows a green box with Valid Code proceed to the next step, if not - try again.


Checkmark Require valid Two-Step Authentication Code to login to this account and press save.


From this point forward, you will need to enter the current code shown when logging in. You can also remember your device by checking the box under the place where you enter your code.


Note: If the website breaks when pressed save, make sure to close the tab as soon as possible, clear your website cookies and log in again.


And now your account is secure!

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