When your website is used in production, one of the best practices is to enable secure HTTP a.k.a. HTTPS. Here is how you enable it.

The main thing you need for HTTPS to work is an SSL certificate. In all our plans we include unlimited free ones. If you want to get your own - you can buy it in our client area.


To activate your free certificate, go to your web panel, on the left menu press Site Management and then SSL Certificates.


From there, choose Get automatic certificate from ACME Provider at the above.


Optional: Use the ACME Provider option to select your preferred certificate issuer, we recommend Let's Encrypt.


Make sure the Common Name is the domain you want to secure (Note that you will need to do this process for each domain you own, if you own multiple)


Then, in the right side of the domain option Wildcard is selected, this will allow you to add subdomains without needing to reissue the certificate.


Alternatively, choose the subdomains you want to secure.


Press Save to issue the request.

Then you will receive a message that request has been placed. Close the message.


Optional: if you chose wildcard or all subdomains to have SSL we strongly recommend below checking Force SSL with https redirect and than pressing save. This will allow only secure connections to pass through, highly increasing the security of your website.


That's it! Within next 5 minutes your certificate will be ready and automatically applied, and your connection - secured.


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