Included with all our plans is the email service which allows you to have unlimited, custom email addresses with your own domain. Here you can find how to set them up.



As shown in our previous article, go to your web panel.


Then proceed to E-mail Management >> E-mail accounts.


Go to Create Account on your right.


Enter the username, password, and the limits you desire, then press the Create Account button below.


Then, you will see the login details of your email. 


Use those details in your email client, here we will showcase how to add the email to Windows Mail (included with Windows 10 and 11).


When opening the app, press the gear icon at the top left of the app then go to Manage Accounts >> Add Account >> Advanced setup >> Internet email

 >>  >>  >>  >> 



Here you will see the page where you need to enter your details. Let's go through them one by one.


Email address is the one you created, and it's shown right after creation.


Username is just your email address too.


Password is the password you set when creating the account.


Account name is the email address once again.


Send your messages using this name allows you to enter anything you want the people to see as sender when you send an email.


For incoming email server choose


Account type should be IMAP4


Outgoing (SMTP) email server is


Make sure to check all the boxes below for optimal experience.

And now you have your email!


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