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We do livestreams which are fun for you. We have a community which welcomes you. We are gamers. We love gaming. We are gaming.

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What do we do?

We do fun livestreams which you can enjoy!

Our community

We have the most welcoming community on discord, where you can chat around and find new friends!

We also have our own advanced All In One Discord bot!

Who we are?

We are the team who is passionate about gaming, dedicated to what we do and are best at what we try to accomplish.

Vilmantas "eXact" Varnauskas

Founder of eXact Gaming, passionate gamer and content creator. Best at what he does, always welcoming to others.

Samuel "C0mplex" Sampaio

Coder and designer of eXact Gaming, always ready for new challenges, knows how to reach his goals, be first in his field.